Swedish:  Generally regarded as the most common form of massage, Swedish massage involves manipulation of the muscles and connective tissues of the body for relaxation or health  maintenance.

Deep Tissue:  Deep tissue massage uses slow strokes, direct pressure, or friction, applied across the grain of the muscles with the fingers, thumbs or elbows.

Deep-tissue massage works deeply into the muscles and connective tissue to release chronic aches and pains.

Trigger Point Therapy:

Paraffin Wax:

Offsite Parties Available for:

Bridal Parties/Massage Parties/Bachelor-ette parties:

Corporate Chair Massage:


Massage for Special Needs Children:  We treat the symptoms, not the diagnoses.

Parents must be present at all times.

One-on-one teaching sessions are also available for caregiver to learn massage techniques. $50/hr.


 Infant/Toddler Classes:

4-week course. 1 hr. each week

Children thrive from touch: my goal is to provide them with the knowledge to know their own body, learn boundaries, and to be able to distinguish between healthy touch and abusive  touch.  Without this knowledge our children are more at risk if they are in a potential abusive situation.  Every child has a choice, it’s their body and they control  who, when, and how.    Let’s teach them to respect their bodies and give them the power.